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Can Leather Jackets Get Wet: A Guide For Biker Leather Jackets

Can leather jackets get wet?

A guide for biker leather jackets and how you should act when your leather gets wet?

Riding a motorbike is not easy for anyone, either a man or woman. You need to be careful that all the gears and everything work perfectly fine. Not only that, a biker should know what to wear while riding a bike and how to carry it. The most preferred thing is a leather jacket, which almost all bikers wear while riding a motorbike. 

Now here is the question that whether the leather jacket can stand in the rain while on ride or not?

Let’s have a look at some common problems that most bikers face and how you can protect yourself in those situations.¬†

“Leather motorcycle jackets are durable and can withstand the rain, especially with the right care and attention. By waterproofing your jacket, using a leather conditioner, and wearing an outer layer for long rides in heavy rain, you can keep your jacket in great condition for years to come.”

Since every biker has in their mind that they should have a leather jacket while riding a bike, you should also learn how to protect it from rain and, if it’s wet, then how you can dry it off immediately.¬†

Can you wear a leather jacket in the rain while riding a bike?

There is a lot of variety in the market of leather jackets, but if you own a real one, you probably know that the water can seriously damage the real leather, and you should know how to waterproof your leather jackets. 

Not only the leather jackets but everything you have in real leather such as leather shoes, coats, bags, wallets, or anything. 

Don’t worry, it’s just one fact, there are leather jackets for bikers that are more durable and long-lasting in water. This means that they are made for bikers, especially (leather motorcycle jackets).

But some leather, such as Suede, is not durable in water or rain, and it gets shirked soon after getting wet in water. But mostly, the leather jackets stay up in the rain while you ride the bike but make sure you don’t keep on riding when it’s raining because everything has its durability, and it’s not even safe to ride a bike in the rain unless it’s so much important for you.¬†

There are certain procedures and tips through which you can make your motorcycle leather jacket long-lasting in the rain. 

Suppose you take care of it before and after riding a bike in the rain. You can use bee-wax, cream, or waterproof spray before you wear your leather jacket, and it will help protect your leather jacket if it starts raining while you ride a bike in rainy weather. 

However, Once you have ridden through the rain, there are some tips for drying the jacket properly. The most important tip is to never use heat to dry your leather jacket.

When leather gets wet, the oil bonds to the water, and if dried too quickly, they will evaporate together, leaving a brittle and fragile jacket. 

Instead, let your jacket air dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. If your jacket is dripping, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the water before letting it drip dry. When the jacket is still damp, now is the time to condition. 

There are many types of leather conditioners, and all will help retain the leather’s natural oils, and most will also provide some water protection.¬†

Moreover, it’s not only about rain or water. You should make your leather jacket well conditioner with a good leather conditioner and cream or bee-wax so you can protect your leather jackets from rain or water and dust, wind, and other rough atmosphere situations.

How to make your leather jacket waterproof

As mentioned above, adding wax or a great splash is planned to make a layer of protection over the leather, which can build your jacket protection from the water or serious downpours.

It is essential to note that leather can never be 100% waterproof because of its absorbent nature.

But if you can’t take it for a dip doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the rain. You need to make sure that you make a defensive wall between the leather and the atmosphere.¬†

Many kinds of showers and waxes will cause the leather to be more water-safe. The key is to consider how frequently your jacket gets wet and observe an item that will work for you.

Remember that any conditioner or wax might cover the leather. It’s wise to check your leather jacket before wrapping it in wax and understanding that the shading has changed.¬†

To go through this work of treating the leather, you can generally purchase a waterproof jacket to wear over the highest point of your leather!


In addition, you should follow all the safety precautions while you ride a motorbike wearing a leather jacket. All the above tips are relatable for every biker. 

However, if you are looking for a reasonable and durable waterproof biker leather jacket you can click the link below or visit Jild Leather for a huge collection of motorcycle leather jackets for both men and women. 

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